Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Converting MKV to AVI

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Converting MKV to AVI
This guide will show you how to convert a MKV file to AVI.

In this post I will show you how to convert MKV files into AVI format. This will mean you can watch the content on many more devices as .avi is much more supported than .mkv files are.

Downloading the required software
I am going to be using freeware provided by Pazera-Software

2.) Click on the green Download Icon to download the setup

3.) Save the setup to your computer

Installing the software

4.) Double click the setup you have just downloaded

5.) Click 'Run' if you get a 'Open File - Security Warning' dialog box and then select the language you wish to install on the next screen and click OK

6.) Click 'Next' on the welcome screen then Read/Accept the license agreement and click 'Next'

7.) Click 'Next' on the 'Select Destination Location' screen

8.) Click 'Next' on the 'Select Start Menu Folder' screen

9.) Click 'Next' on the 'Select Additional Tasks' screen (Tick the box highlighted blue if you wish to have a shortcut on your desktop)

10.) Click 'Install'

11.) Once installed you may get a few more screens asking if you would like to accept or decline installing 3rd party application, here are the applications i was asked to either accept or decline.

If you DO wish to install the application click 'Accept' or click 'Decline' if you DO NOT wish to install the application.

12.) Click 'Finish'

Converting the MKV files

13.) Open 'Pazera Free MKV to AVI Converter'

14.) Drag & Drop any MKV files you wish to convert into the below highlighted area to add MKV's to convert to AVI

15.) Now you need to change the output Video and Audio settings to suit your needs (this may need a bit of trial and error to get what is right for you)

There are some pre-defined settings that may help in the Profile drop down menu (see highlighted blue below)

16.) Once ready, click 'Convert' at the top of the screen and wait for it to finish (the longer the video the longer the conversion time)

If it helps, you can download the encoder settings i use when converting high definition videos:
Download Here

To load the encoder settings just select 'Encoder' at the top of the application and then select 'Load encoder settings'